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Help your shoppers find and explore your products

Product Finders ask questions to your shoppers to recommend the perfect product based on their answers. All in a data-compliant way.
Upload your feed
Match your product fields to Crobox’s system to start building your Finders at scale.
Enrich your data
Supplement your product data with product benefits and attributes from your category.
Build your Product Finder
Use a template or build your Finder from scratch. We’ll make sure you ask the right questions at the right time.
The process of building your own Product Finder
Immediately publish your Finder or share it with a colleague for approval.
Gain Insights
Collect insights within a few minutes on how your shoppers interact with your Finder and assortment.

Key Functionalities

Activate dynamic conversations with your customers

Ensure the questions you’re asking are relevant to your shoppers’ context.
  • Use Dynamic Answers to make every conversation relevant and streamlined
  • Make every word align with your customers with recommendations
  • Recreate the high-touch, in-store experience across all your owned channels

Leverage industry-specific templates

Use industry and category templates to scale your Product Finders across multiple pages and categories.
  • Leverage in-house industry expertise
  • No-code editors to get your finders live in less than a week
  • Optimized with behavioral psychology and data

Expand your guided selling experiences

Recommend additional products, show personalized messages across the journey, and offer product comparisons.
  • Use Product Finder recommendations and product benefits to retarget shoppers across your webshop
  • Make product experiences more relevant to your shoppers while driving conversions
  • Offer more detailed information on your products to serve every customer goal

Customize your analytics dashboard or connect to your data warehouse

Choose what data you see and how you see it so you can share your insights across your organization.
  • Monitor data points like engagement, financial, and campaign insights
  • Visualize your data in one place with customizable widgets and graphs
  • Share your data easily across departments
Who doesn’t love a plug-and-play solution?
Our job is to make things as quick and easy for you. Crobox lets you plug into any kind of product feed.
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