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We wanted to find a lean and simple technology to help us react to the market better. Crobox absolutely met these expectations. Together, we were able to launch something so fast, and from there keep tweaking the finder and optimizing the customer experience.
Claudia Moron
Head of eCommerce
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The biggest difference between Crobox and their competitors is how flexible they are, flexibility is crucial because we host different sports and brands on our webshop. With Crobox we can get ahead of our roadmap and make our ideas a reality very fast.
Martin Faith
eCommerce Director
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In terms of targeting and engagement, the use of the Crobox buggy finder has enabled us to significantly increase the relevance for visitors of our digital platform. This increased conversion and time-on-site, helping to grow the adoption of online as a channel for orientation and purchase in our category.
Jurryt van Arend
Head of Global eCommerce
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The Shoe Finder generated some impressive results. We knew it would ease the shopper’s decision-making, thereby resulting in higher CRO, but the impact on our revenue was something else.
Rick Hoving
Senior eCommerce Manager
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Build guided selling experiences that speak your customers’ language

Product data enrichment

Humanize your product data

Product data is unstructured and technical. Elevate your product feed with a human twist and better serve your customers.
  • Leverage humanized taxonomy templates for your categories
  • Enrich and structure your product feed for better product discovery experiences
  • Export and share your data across departments
Product Finder

Build conversations that revolve around your customers’ needs

Customer choice is expanding. Your shoppers need guidance to find the products they need. Start speaking to your customers when they’re showing the highest intent.
  • Scalable across regions and categories
  • Create your Finder using category-specific knowledge and templates
  • Build and launch your Finder within one week
Guided selling experiences

Facilitate experiences, anytime, anywhere

Drive discovery experiences across your customer journey. Leverage enriched data in Crobox experiences or throughout your tech stack.
  • Leverage enriched product data in Guided Selling experiences
  • Guide your shoppers at every step of their journey
  • Connect to Crobox’s Product API to facilitate experiences anywhere you want

How it works

Upload your feed
Match your product fields to Crobox’s system to start building your Finders at scale.
Enrich your data
Supplement your product data with product benefits and attributes from your category.
Build your experience
Use a template or build your experience from scratch. We’ll make sure you use the right words for your category.
Immediately publish your experience or share it with a colleague for approval.
Gain Insights
Collect insights within a few minutes on how your shoppers interact with your experiences and assortment.
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