Helping retailers discover the why behind the buy

Crobox is reinventing guided selling. How? By enriching product content and building human guided selling experiences. We help your shoppers make the right decision in a stress-free environment by leveraging our industry and behavioral psychology expertise. Crobox makes brands and retailers leaders in their categories.‍

Our Journey

It all began in an attic. With backgrounds in eCommerce, full-stack development, and AI, we searched for that sweet spot that would disrupt retail.

Today, we’ve found it: building compelling product discovery experiences that put the customer first. From our humble beginnigs to today, we've learned a great deal. And it doesn't stop there! Today, we are driven to understand your customer needs to ensure your product benefits are understood and effectively communicated throughout your customer journey.

You can now find us in our lovely office in central Amsterdam, with technology that operates across the world. Some may even say: started from the attic now we here.
Crobox founders
Aimee Unwin
Aimee Unwin
People Manager
“I recently started at Crobox and instantly gained the freedom and responsibility that I have been searching for! I like to be creative, make decisions and have the space to voice my ideas - and Crobox provides just that.”
Our Culture
When you mix AI, psychology, retail, and some clever individuals, you create something extraordinary.

At Crobox, each and every one of us has a unique set of skills that contributes to the cohesive whole. We are a conscious company - vegetarian daily lunches! - who take Friday beers very seriously. We ask questions, make jokes (not always good ones, but that’s ok), and tackle projects with passion.
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