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Excel in your industry, elevate your brand

Build guided selling experiences that connect your products to your customers’ needs and language.
Scale your guided selling solutions for eCommerce growth
Increase revenue
Save time and money
We are lean and easy to implement, helping you automate. Increase sales to achieve up to 13x ROI after 6 months.
Boost conversion rates
Drive return on investment
Our online assistance compounds growth as you scale. When usage increases, so do the returns.
Enhance your bottom-line
Invest in enriched product discovery that costs less and requires fewer internal resources to maintain.

Learn what sets Crobox apart from the competition

Zero Party Data
Crobox collects data that is given freely and with consent by the customer to optimize customer journeys in real-time and increase conversions.
Guided Selling Experiences
By connecting customer needs and language to your products, we create rich shopping experiences that foster deeper connections.
Product Insights
We answer the who, what, where, and how of your product engagement. With Crobox, you can monitor your campaign performance or drill down on a product level.
Humanized Taxonomies
Successful guided selling experiences depend on high-quality product data. We enrich, organize, and expand your data to ensure your customers are easily guided through their customer journey.
Customer and Category Expertise
We map profiles, needs, and preferences to create detailed product overviews that highlight attributes and selling points.
The ASICS Shoe Finder
The ASICS Shoe Finder brings the in-store experience online. With a strong focus on sleek visuals and customer needs, it matches runners to the shoes made for them.
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