Joolz uses a Product Finder to educate their customers

Joolz helps expecting parents find the stroller or buggy perfect for their needs

Shopping for strollers is an emotional purchase, usually involving multiple decision-makers. In order to help alleviate the purchase decision, and make their brand the authority in the market, Joolz wanted a Product Finder. Partnering with Crobox, Joolz is now able to guide shoppers to the right buggy for them. The results of the Buggy Finder also show insights into the Joolz audience, which will enable more relevant targeting and more visibility to the products, brand, and eCommerce webshop.

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Julia Schouwenaar
eCommerce Content Specialist
New parents are often overwhelmed. With a Product Finder, we want to give them a little bit more information, knowledge, and clarity in the world of buggies and strollers.

Joolz is a fast-growing Dutch company from Amsterdam. With the majority of products sold at partner retailers and no physical stores, the Joolz webshop is both an important educational and selling channel. Their buggies and strollers are sustainable, smart, and their ethos help parents stay balanced, comfortable, and in control of their life. Joolz also sells accessories, car seats, and other spare parts for parents.


The Challenge

During the pandemic, Joolz saw more people starting their search and buying their strollers online. Now, more people browse online and shop in stores. However, eCommerce is still an important channel. The challenge is guiding customers in the right way and providing a solution for discovering and purchasing products online, and also being able to use that data to personalize the customer journey at several touchpoints such as email and paid advertising.

This brings the challenge of converting customers online and growing their eCommerce channel. Joolz purchases are often emotion-driven, marking a significant moment in the consumer’s life. The challenge for Joolz is also facilitating these purchases, putting parents at ease, while learning more about what drives behavior in the long run.

Jurryt van Arend
Head of Global eCommerce
In terms of targeting and engagement, the use of the Crobox buggy finder has enabled us to significantly increase the relevance for visitors of our digital platform. This increased conversion and time-on-site, helping to grow the adoption of online as a channel for orientation and purchase in our category.


Joolz implemented Crobox’s Product Finder to help guide customers to the right product(s) for them. By asking the right questions, the Buggy Finder will determine what stroller or buggy matches the lifestyle for their audience.

The Joolz Buggy Finder

The Buggy Finder was implemented as a slide-out on all the homepage and category pages.

By asking several questions about family and living situations, and what’s important to the customer, Joolz can recommend a stroller or buggy that fits their goals.          

See it in action


With these insights, Joolz can show off their eCommerce platform as an important selling channel. The data insights from the Finder will also allow them to target people at various moments of their customer journey, providing more relevant product information, as well as education to get them through important milestones as parents.

Since most of their sessions come from mobile, Joolz is already optimizing their webshop for mobile users. This also validates the shopping behavior of their demographic of 25-35 year olds (shopping on mobile, and browsing online to shop in-store).

*The AOV refers to the purchase of strollers,Joolz’s regular AOV also includes accessory and spare part purchases, which causes it to be lower as those prices are much lower.

Completion Rate
Average Order Value

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