Top4Sport helps first time runners

Top4Sport leverages a Product Finder to help customers select the best shoe for their running goals

In order to bring guided selling into their eCommerce channel, Top4Sport implemented Crobox’s Product Finder. By leveraging a Running Shoe Finder on their webshop, they aim to differentiate their products and reduce overload. As an online marketplace, guiding customers to the right shoe for them is important to help shoppers make the best product choice for them. Crobox’s Product Finder was implemented in over four weeks and is continuously being optimized based on Top4Sport’s roadmap and data we are collecting.

Conversion Rate
Average Order Value
Completion Rate
Martin Faith
eCommerce Director
The biggest difference between Crobox and their competitors is how flexible they are, flexibility is crucial because we host different sports and brands on our webshop. With Crobox we can get ahead of our roadmap and make our ideas a reality very fast.

Top4Sport is a fast-growing online marketplace in the sporting product industry. Their promise is to resell quality and cutting-edge activewear products produced by global brands.

We can’t just be retailers who provide goods, we need to provide an additional service, including advice. That’s why using a Product Finder is a very high priority and one of the major tools for customer assistance at the moment.
Martin Faith
eCommerce Director

The Challenge

For first-time runners, it is hard to know which is the best running shoe for them. As a marketplace, Top4Running needs to differentiate itself by being experts and authenticators, and by guiding their customers to the right product for them.

Seeing how well guided selling works in our brick-and-mortar stores, Top4Running aims to bring this experience to their eCommerce channel. Bringing guided selling into the digital environment is met with internal development limitations due to everything being managed and built in-house. These challenges make it more difficult as a primarily digital brand to be reactive and convert more customers.

Martin Faith
eCommerce Director
The Crobox team was really responsive, especially during the implementation process, which was very important to us. It only took one month to implement the Product Finder. This made us feel heard and taken care of.


During the course of only four weeks, Top4Running implemented their Shoe Finder across twenty-one locales. By asking the user questions about their running goals, the Shoe Finder recommends the perfect product for them.

The Top4Running Shoe Finder  

The Shoe Finder was implemented as a slide-out on the homepage, navigation, product pages, and integrated into product lister page banners with Exponea. The Shoe Finder asks questions about the shopper’s goals. By leveraging Dynamic Answers, the Finder flow changes options based on how the user answers, making it more interactive with natural conversation.

The final product recommendations show a carousel of ‘Best Choice’ products. Their profiles display their most important attributes to put the right information in front of the user. Clicking on the shoe’s profile brings the user to the shoe’s detail page.

See it in action


In the first month of implementation, the Shoe Finder had a 126% conversion rate uplift. Since then, high completion rates show users have good purchase intent, and that the Finder is facilitating their behavior. The next steps will be making the Shoe Finder more visible to increase sessions.  Next up for the Crobox x Top4Running partnership is to continue building more Finders across different categories

Return on investment
+ 15.8%
Average order value
+ 19.4%
Conversion rate

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