Love Stories uses the Product Finder to help guide customers

Love Stories brought the personal touch of in-store shopping online with right fit and style advice

To emulate the advice of in-store sales assistants, Love Stories wanted to implement a Product Finder on their webshop. Partnering with Crobox, Love Stories is now able to match their shoppers to the perfect bralettes made for their sizing, fit, and style. By quickly implementing a Product Finder on their webshop, Crobox and Love Stories are now able to gather data and insights about the behavior of Love Stories’ customers to help optimize the flow and create more contextual content.

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Claudia Moron
Head of eCommerce
We wanted to find a lean and simple technology to help us react to the market better. Crobox absolutely met these expectations. Together, we were able to launch something so fast, and from there keep tweaking the finder and optimizing the customer experience.

Love Stories is an Amsterdam-based lingerie brand, much loved for its signature bralettes. Always putting comfort first, Love Stories is known for its iconic and signature bralettes. Rooted in lingerie, the collection has now expanded into swimwear, PJ’s, and cover-ups.

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The Challenge

For many consumer products, buyers will more or less know their size. But 80% of women don’t know their bra size and often wear the wrong fit. In selling bras online, brands have to relay the product’s specifications like sizing and fit, as well as material and feel.

For bralettes specifically, there is no in-store sales clerk to advise the customer that a bralette fits as it’s supposed to. Many women wear a rounded cup and will find the natural shape of a bralette different. If they order online to their homes, no one can advise them this natural fit is right.

Love Stories has the twofold challenge of helping customers find the right sizing and fit while educating the same shoppers about their products. The challenge for the eCommerce team is about bringing the in-store experience online.

Claudia Moron
Head of eCommerce
We immediately saw higher conversions and many interactions when the Fit Finder was implemented. But we were surprised to see our hypothesis validated by the Fit Finder data so quickly. Many users simply don’t know their bra size. This calls for more educational content, while also making the Fit Finder more contextually visible across our webshop.


Love Stories implemented Crobox’s Product Finder to help bring the in-store experience online. By asking the right questions at the right time, the Product Finder can help determine which bralette is the right sizing, fit, look, and style for the customer.          

The Love Stories Fit Finder

The Product Finder was implemented as a slide-out on all the homepage, category, and product pages. By asking several questions to determine the fit and style preference of the user, the Fit Finder then recommends a perfect bralette.

Along with a call-to-action to view the recommended product, The Fit Finder includes additional personalized cross-sells with a ‘You Might Also Like’ recommendation engine built into the last page.

See it in action


Love Stories learned that 37% of users who start the Fit Finder don’t know their bra size, 67% of users chose the option for ‘Neutral, classic’ colors, and 67% of users prefer a more supported fit than less supported. With these insights, Love Stories is curating content to educate their audiences better on the benefits and fit of a bralette.

The next goal will be making it more visible on the Love Stories webshop to increase traffic to the finder. This, in turn, will increase revenue and guide customers to the products that look and feel better on their skin.

Average Order Value Uplift
Conversion Rate Uplift

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