ASICS optimizes the guided selling experience

ASICS brings the in-store experience online with a Shoe Finder, recommendations, and chat integration

To recreate the in-store experience online, ASICS invested in a guided selling Product Finder. ASICS and Crobox have partnered since 2017 to develop and execute a data-driven approach on their webshop. Together, we built and optimized their Shoe Finder, which saw unprecedented business results.

Conversion Rate
Average Order Value
Rick Hoving
Senior eCommerce Manager
This data is going to ease us into omnichannel. This may seem like a buzzword, but with Crobox we can actually reuse our data in-stores and email to recreate the online experience.

ASICS stands for anima sana in corpore sano: the brand’s founding philosophy and mission. Translated this means, “healthy soul in a healthy body” and echoes their Japanese roots. They seek to be a champion in the sports fashion market and are a consistent favorite amongst athletes and amateurs alike.ASICS promotes a human-centric approach to sports science. They reinvent products to fit each sport and movement. With their sustainable growth goals and caregiver mindset, ASICS will rapidly become the consumer’s first choice.

Most companies focus on running faster, sweating harder, being a beast. ASICS flips that around to help the shopper with every movement they make. We believe it’s about clearing your mind and training your body.
Rick Hoving
Senior eCommerce Manager

The Challenge

Brands are struggling to find the sweet spot between a data-driven approach and bringing the human into eCommerce. With more online shoppers than ever before, the challenge for guided selling is to recreate the in-store sales assistant and personalize the customer journey at crucial touchpoints.ASICS running shoes have the best technology on the market, yet their Japanese ethos means that they don’t shout about it. Their challenge was to assist their shoppers in finding the right products for them, in a way that rings human, subtle, and informative.

Rick Hoving
Senior eCommerce Manager
eCommerce is flat. It’s data-driven, but most of the time we don’t use that data to do cool things.


ASICS implemented Crobox’s technology to bring the in-store experience online. To drive purchase behavior and personalize the guided selling journey, we rolled out a Product Finder with an added Product Recommendation Engine and integrated it with Facebook.  

The ASICS Shoe Finder

The Shoe Finder generates a Perfect Shoe recommendation with added information about the product-to-customer fit and a call to action to guide shoppers to the product detail page (PDP).

See it in action

Recommendation Engine

On the PDP, ASICS’ leverages the Product Recommender.

The product recommendations show a carousel of four recommendations, with one Great Match showing a similar shoe, and one Good Match to complement the shoe finder result. Recommendations provide further personalization on the detail page, to help shoppers achieve their goals and make better decisions, without inflicting choice overload.

With these Product Discovery tools, ASICS can cross and upsell products based on the unique goals of the customer. Next to this, they can reuse the Product Intelligence to drive omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Facebook Integration

The ASICS Shoe Finder is also available on Facebook Messenger to facilitate Facebook customers’ shopping goals and unify the online experience.


The Shoe Finder led to significant customer experience improvements. ASICS shoppers are given the tools to make better-informed decisions, leading to impressive uplifts on the conversion rate and average order value.

Return on investment
+ 15.8%
Average order value
+ 19.4%
Conversion rate

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